To Separate or not? Honour yourself


Different relationships have different issues and sometimes those issues change from time to time.  Some issues are resolvable and some pass a boundary that it is a struggle to move on from.  

One such issue could be infidelity.

Glennon Doyle, New York times best selling author, accepts that there are some people who find safety and lasting forgiveness inside their marriages after infidelity. However, in Glennon’s case, she felt that the infidelity in her marriage was a boundary that she could not move on from.  She tried.  But she couldn’t.  

Glennon was not one of those people who could move on within the relationship after experiencing her partner’s infidelity.  

There is no objective wrong or right in deciding whether to remain in a relationship or not.  There is only what is right for you.  

So what is the next step?  To remain together or separate?  Glennon offers advice that there “…be an honouring of self.  We must disregard the should out there and face what is real in here.”  

You do not have to do anything.  There is no “you should do this: or “should do that”.  The question you can ask is, what is the thing that would most honour you?  What would be most honouring to you?

The decision to separate or remain together is for those within the relationship.  Not for others.

We consider that there is no judgment in what decisions you make and what boundaries you maintain.  This is a matter for you.   If you want assistance, we can advise you of the next steps based on what decisions you have already made or if you are considering your options, we can advise you on your options.  

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Reference: “Untamed: Stop Pleasing Start Living” by Glennon Doyle. 2020. Penguin Random House, UK.