Thinking about getting a Divorce Lawyer?


If you are thinking about getting a divorce lawyer, here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Engaging a Lawyer – Call the law firm first and speak to someone – it is important that you have someone you trust and ‘click’ with.  (We have a free ten minute telephone consultation to allow you to do this).
  2. Support – You don’t have to go alone to your first appointment with your solicitor.  You may want to take someone for support or to help you discuss things after the meeting.
  3. Questions – If you have burning questions, let your lawyer know in the first phone call, but if you forget, you can also bring with you a list of questions to help you remember.
  4. Options – Discuss options at the beginning – there is usually not just one course of action when beginning a legal matter.  Talk to your solicitor about different options (such as settling out of court, mediation, collaboration, litigation).
  5. Try and become as knowledgeable as possible about your family’s finances (including things that you own together and what you each own separately).  This will help your solicitor to advise you as early as possible.  If you can’t, then let us know and we can explain your options on how to get the information you require.

And finally,

6. Don’t delay.  It can be scary going to a lawyer.  There can be many thoughts running through your head and calling a lawyer makes the situation feel all very real.  But it is better that you know your rights earlier rather than later or you could be in a worse position.

We have over 15 years experience in the legal industry and we have people that can help you.  We have an accredited family law specialist and accredited mediators.  If you are thinking about taking the next step, call us for your free ten minute telephone consultation.