The Relationship Sessions

Sessions about Harmony and Happiness in Relationships


Sessions about harmony and happiness in relationships.

If you want to make change in your relationships and are prepared to go within, come and see Claire for the relationship sessions. Bookings are in packages of three sessions and you meet online for 60 minutes at a time.

What you get: 3 x private - 60 min zoom calls. In these 1:1 sessions, where you are face to face online with Claire, you have the opportunity to go deeper into your relationships as you connect with more harmony and joy.

      Introductory Pricing 
      • Three 1:1 Sessions

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      "I did it!  Thank you so much for your help. It had been years of wanting to to do it, and I finally felt empowered to have the conversation with [confidentialised]. It felt really good."
      A.G [Claire Naidu & Co Client]

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      About Claire


      Claire is at the heart of Claire Naidu & Co. She is passionate about harmony and happiness being experienced in life, relationships and transitions.

      She loves problem solving with her clients, activating solutions, and seeing her clients journey with more joy, happiness and harmony in their lives and relationships.

      "All experiences are opportunities to lean attention to the subtle, the mundane. Even if it feels like it is getting in the way - it is the way."

      - Claire Naidu, (excerpt dated 25 September 2015)

      For more about Claire, see About Claire.