ADR in a post Covid-19 Landscape


“A Not So Arbitrary Solution: ADR in a Post COVID-19 Landscape“ This article by Claire Naidu & Debra Parker was in the Law Society of the ACT Journal, Winter 2020 Edition. This article is about dispute resolution including mediation during covid-19 and post covid-19 world.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee – ACT Law Society


We are pleased to announce that our principal lawyer, mediator and arbitrator, Claire Naidu, has been invited by the President of the ACT Law Society to join the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. With great honour, Ms Naidu has accepted the invitation and is looking forward to contributing to Alternative Dispute Resolution within Australia. The Committee Charter prescribes that the role … Read More

Father’s Rights


Father’s rights The Family Law Act focuses on parental obligations and children’s rights. When parties are having discussions about parenting arrangements, they are invited to consider what type of arrangements (for example who the child will live with and spend time with) will be in the best interests of the child and takes into account the obligations and responsibilities of a … Read More

What is family law?


 What is family law?   Family law is an area of the law which, simply put, deals with families and all things family related including what happens with property and children after separation. Family law is often associated with divorce however it also covers a range of issues including parenting and property matters for parties that have or have not … Read More

Have you or your partner been talking about divorce or separation but you don’t want to separate? Relationship mediation

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Relationship Mediation Have you and your partner been talking about separating and possibly getting a divorce but you don’t feel ready to separate and you think there it could be worth trying to work things out. There may be many reasons that you want to try and work on the relationship.  Some of those reasons might be that you still … Read More