Family Law Amendment (Family Violence and Cross-examination of Parties) Act 2018


From 10 September 2019, personal cross-examination have been banned in family law proceedings in certain circumstances where allegations of family violence have been raised.  Amendments to the  Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) have been made that provide protection to victims of family violence who are cross-examined as part of family law proceedings. What is Personal Cross Examination? Personal cross-examination is where a … Read More

Family Law News: Appointments to the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia


Appointments to the Family Court of Australia On Monday 11 March 2019 the Attorney-General the Hon. Christian Porter MP announced the appointments of two new judges to the Family Court of Australia.   Judge Joshua Wilson and Judge Robert Harper have been appointed as and from 11 March 2019, elevating them from their current positions as judges of the Federal … Read More

Family Law Case Note – The issuing of passports without a parent’s consent in a family law matter: Mosman & Taylor Mosman [2018] FamCA 842 (19 October 2018)

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Mosman & Taylor Mosman [2018] FamCA 842 (19 October 2018)     Summary This case note concerns an application for the issuing of passports for children and the subsequent proposal for international travel for the children.   Cases and referenced Australian Passports Act 2005 s 11 Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) ss 60CC, 61DA, 64B, 67ZC Withers v Russell & … Read More