Collaborative Family Lawyers: Claire Naidu & Co


Collaborative Family Law is a different way of approaching the resolution process of family law matters.  It aims to promote the resolution of disputes and keep the matter outside of the court system. It is a voluntary process where parties agree to opt into the Collaborative process and keep out of Court. The lawyers sign an agreement whereby they will … Read More

Child custody & Contact & Access


Child custody & Contact & Access You may have heard people say or ask you: Who has custody of the child? What are the custody arrangements? What access do you have to your child? What are the contact arrangements? Child custody and contact are terms often used to describe care arrangements for children. Although people often use ‘custody’, ‘contact’ and … Read More

Overnight time for my Child


  One of the questions we are most frequently asked is: At what age does the Court allow a child to commence spending overnight time with the other parent? There is no short answer to this question and it does depend on your particular circumstances. For example, the type of information we would need to know is: 1. How old … Read More