The SSPF Bursary Program supports students who continue their education beyond secondary school.  The program provides the bursary recipient with $1,000AUD to assist with education needs and resources of education beyond secondary school.

Can I Apply?

To apply you must be:

  • A child/young person from in a single parent family;
  • From rural or regional Australia;
  • Enrolled or intend to enrol in a recognised Australian Institution either as full-time or part-time in:
    • High School;
    • TAFE or registered training organisation (RTO) studying towards higher vocational education and training (VET) qualifications;
    • University (up to and including your first undergraduate degree)
  • A permanent resident or Australian citizen residing in Australia;
  • In a household with an income of $120,000 or less.

How do I Apply?

Submit an application during the application opening period via email the address on the contact us page. The Application is to include:

  • Email subject line: SSPF Bursary Application;
  • Covering letter with:
    • your contact details;
    • a little bit about you;
    • details of your course/s and why you have decided to undertake these studies;
    • details on how you consider that you meet the application criteria
  •  Resume

A new application must be submitted each year you wish to be considered. Only one application per student is accepted.

Applications can only be submitted during the application period. Early and late applications are not accepted.

What is the Application Opening Period?

 1 September – 30 October each year.

What if I need help with completing my application?

You can talk to

a teacher

support worker


staff at your local youth centre, multicultural support service, carers support organisation

What happens after the Application is Submitted?

It can take up to 16 weeks for applications to be approved, and involves 5 key stages.

Stage 1

Applications are collated.

Stage 2

The SSPF Team reviews the information provided in each application.

Stage 3

Short listed applications will be contacted and requested to provide supporting documentation and verification of eligibility.

Stage 4

The SSPF Team will review the supporting documentation and verification of eligibility.

Stage 5

The SSPF Team will make a decision. 

The decision is final and there is no right of review of appeal. 

What will I need to provide if I am shortlisted?

Shortlisted applicants need to provide supporting documentation to verify their application. This includes proof of:



family unit/structure;

bank details;

parental consent (if under 18) and household income; and

Australian residency or citizenship status.