Same Sex Marriage and your Will


Same Sex Marriage and your Will

With the changes to same sex marriage laws in Australia, your family relationships may have changed, for example you may have recently married in Australia or an international marriage may now be legally recognised in Australia.

For couples in the ACT with a current Will, it is important to review and have updated as getting married could automatically revoke any Will you have in place before marriage, unless your Will specifically states that it was made in contemplation of marriage.

If you and your partner are planning to marry now that the marriage laws have changed, you should check your existing Will to see if it is still valid and if it reflects your current wishes. 

If you wish to discuss your current Will or create a Will please contact Claire Naidu & Co. We would love to speak with you about the process and your options.

Note: This article does not constitute legal advice and Claire Naidu & Co is not responsible for any reliance upon its contents.  If you would like specialist assistance and would like to know what options might be best for your situation, contact Claire Naidu & Co for a fixed fee mediation.

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