Relationships issues at Christmas & Family Law


Relationships issues at Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time of year whether or not you are separated.  There can be the liaising with extended family members, sorting out where Christmas will be held, who will be coming and who will not be coming, when meal times will be and what should be served, what presents to get and whether there should be a limit on the amount spent – just to name a few of the issues that can arise at Christmas time.

If you add to the mix, additional grandparents due to separation, divorce and repartnering, and additional parents due to the same, separation, divorce and repartnering, and siblings from different sibling groups including with step-parents, things can get pretty difficult and can be a logistical nightmare for even the most complete of logistical programs.

If you would like a law firm to take into account all your circumstances and help you to work out arrangements that will be suit you and your family situation, Claire Naidu & Co, Lawyers and Mediators offer unique skills sets to help you.  Our staff have been working in the family law area for over fifteen years and have successfully navigated families through complex family law situations.  We offer conflict coaching, mediation and legal advice services.

We offer a free telephone consultation (time limited and conditions apply) to ensure that we are best suited to assist you and if we proceed, we offer a fixed fee initial consultation (in person or by telephone).  You know how much there is to pay for our consultation and will not be shocked by any surprises.  We can advise you on legal matters such as parenting plans, custody orders, as well as mediation options and conflict management.

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