What is Consulting?

Consultants draw upon their acquired expertise, innate problem-solving skills,  and their impartiality to assess a situation and provide solutions.  They are expert problem solvers and high functioning analysts, who for a fee provide advice and solutions.

What Consulting Services can I seek from Claire?

Managing change.

Interpersonal relationships.

Complex issues or dispute resolution Consulting.

Personal and work life relationship Consulting.

Organisational and Life management and consulting.

What Consulting Services can I seek from Claire?

Claire believes that you can create even more enjoyment and fun in your life. This can be achieved by clarifying what is important, what to keep and what to let go - this can be done at the organisational level and the personal level.  By organising and decluttering things that you no longer want to keep and creating beautiful spaces for where you would like the orgsnisation and/or relationships to grow - can create better organisations and better relationships.

Claire will help you to be clear about what you want, what you no longer want, so that you can get on with the business of what you love - being who you want, doing what you want, giving what you want, and having what you want.

If you wanting assistance to transition, Claire can provide the consulting services you are after.

You can work with Claire privately or at an organisational level.

Creating more fun and and enjoyment in personal and working lives.  Better relationships.  Better lives.  Better world.

- Claire Naidu & Co-