Through our work together, we intend for you to experience valuable and replenishing relationships.

We work with our clients on a range on areas in their relationships that are currently causing stuckness or turmoil.

How our work together would happen:

  • We would meet together (by video, call or in-person).  You get to choose how we meet. All the different options (video, call and in-person) are effective in creating connection and change.
  • You can start with one consultation or book a package.
  • The consultation will go for approximately 55-60 minutes.
  • In our consultation together, we will focus on what is of value and importance to you.
  • Each session is different and personalised to the areas of focus that are specific to you in that session.
  • We have a range of tools and processes that we may engage for your different coaching sessions. There is no session that will be exactly the same.
  • At the end of the session you may experience new ways of seeing and understanding the relationship, greater clarity about the relationship and how you wish to progress and/or have clear options for you to take or consider as you make your next steps forward.

Booking sessions

  • You book a session or package here: Book Relationship Coaching Consultation
  • Our clients can choose to book in for one session or further sessions.
  • There is no obligation to have further sessions. We suggest that you try one and see how it proceeds and make a decision after that.
  • If you would like to book further session(s), you can book a further session or choose a package option (the price is less per consultation when you book a package).

Other things to note:

  • We recommend that you keep 15-30 minutes free after the appointment for yourself before you transition to the next thing in the day. We find that our clients can use this time to take action on their next steps or if they prefer, they may choose to use this time to take a break such as to take a walk outside and allow the energy to move, before they transition to next part of their day.
  • This session does not involve legal advice. If you seek legal advice, please book a legal consultation.
  • This session does not involve mediation. If you are seeking mediation, please book a mediation intake appraisal appointment.
  • If you have any accessibility issues that you would like to let us know before we meet, please get in touch prior to your consultation.
Personalised sessions and Package Options
  • One-off sessions
  • 3 Session Package
  • Personalised packages 

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"I did it!  Thank you so much for your help. It had been years of wanting to to do it, and I finally felt empowered to have the conversation with [confidentialised]. It felt really good."
A.G [Claire Naidu & Co Client]

Some examples:

  • A client considered family as the most important thing in their life, and their family had been getting along really well, however, something has arisen which had caused some divison in the family and through our work together, they were able to implement a plan and strategies so that this division was able to be rectified;
  • A client was back in the dating world, she was more clear about what she was looking for, and although she wanted to enjoy the process she did not want to waste time with the 'wrong' person. Through our sessions she was able to get clarity about how to implement her goal and enjoy the process on the way there;
  • A client had an almost non-existant relationship with a parent and wanted to open up this relationship and explore where it might go. We were able to explore options and they were able to reinstigate the relationship while being clear about their boundaries;
  • A husband and wife had not been getting along as well as what they had in the past and they wanted to to see things improve and through our sessions we were able to practically implement change and real solutions;
  • A client wanted to move on from a difficult relationship but was finding this difficult to and through our sessions she was able to move on;
  • A client was finding it really difficult to deal with their ex-partner who was also the co-parent of their children. Together through our sessions they were able to impelement strategies to improve their co-parenting relationship;
  • A client who was dealing with a very challenging person and because of situation, they were not able to simply walk away, and together through our sessions we were able to make change in how they saw the situation as well as practical ways to improve their interaction with the other person;
  • A parent wanted to pursue a relationship with their adult child after having not having a close relationship during the adult child's high school years. Through our work with the parent, they were able to reconnect with their adult child and the relationship has been progressing;
  • A client had somewhat of a falling out with someone and they felt terrible about this. Together through our sessions we focussed on the repair that could be made and they were successfully able to repair and improve the relationship; and
  • Another client wanted to develop a relationship and they were not sure how to best do this. In our sessions, they were able to consider different options that had not previously been considered and they were able to choose a pathway that best suited them.