Press Release: Lack of Childcare driving factor in Entrepreneurship

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Lack of Childcare driving factor in Entrepreneurship

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Canberra, 16 November 2012:  Women are turning to more flexible arrangements when they return to work after pregnancy.

An Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report released today on Pregnancy and Employment Transitions found that of the women who permanently left the job they had during pregnancy, almost 49% left to care for the child.  Of the women that returned to work, long day care centres were only used in 23% of cases.

When Claire was pregnant she was warned by others of the lack of childcare places.  She made some enquiries when pregnant but was advised that there should places available.

Three months before her intended return to work, she started contacting her local childcare centres to secure a place.  She was horrified to learn that they were full and all had extensive waiting lists.  In fact, some waiting lists were so long, that they would not even accept her waiting list application.  One organisation said, “Sorry, we have over 200 people on our waiting list and we will not accept any more.  Call back in three months time and we will see if we can get you on the waiting list then”.

Claire contacted over 40 different childcare centres with no success.

She began to consider her alternatives including starting her own business.  Now this has become a reality.  “I am lucky to have a supportive family and I am in a position where I can transfer my professional skills into my own business.”

Claire helps people in their family matters by overcoming the legal barriers. “I am passionate about helping people create their families (through adoption, surrogacy, or parenting orders/plans). I also help people with the legal issues when entering or exiting relationships like defacto living, marriage, separation, and divorce.”

“I am concerned about the lack of choice and options afforded to people because of the inability to secure care arrangements.  Further measures should be taken to rectify the situation.”

“Now that I have gone into business on my own, I see challenges ahead including balancing work and the care of children but I am excited and have no regrets in pursuing this path.”


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