Are there areas in your life where you could feel more relaxed, at peace, or replenished?

Are there areas of your life where you are wanting to get clear on what is of value, what to release and what to keep?

Would you like to know and take clear next steps?


Ready to meet with me?

Meeting with me, you and I would come to understand how you are experiencing life, what challenges you are facing, and how you would prefer things to be. To know what is of value and what is not.

We would move through ways of thinking of the experience of life, seeing you experiencing clarity as you face the challenges and opportunities that arise, experiencing more replenishment, happiness and enjoyment with life, as you take clear next steps.

How do we meet?

  • We meet together by video, call or in-person.
  • The appointments are for approximately 50-60 minutes

How often would we meet?

  • There is no commitment for further appointments.
  • How many times we meet is up to you. You can start with one appointment and see how you go from there.
  • If you would like to discuss frequency and timing of further meetings, we can discuss your personal circumstances with you.

How to set up an appointment?

  • Book here: Appointment
  • If our current time offerings do not match, contact us with your timezone and preferred times.


Other things to note:

  • While not required, we recommend that you keep 15-30 minutes free after the appointment for yourself before you transition to the next thing in the day. We find that our clients use this time to take action on their next steps or if they prefer, they may choose to use this time to take a break such as to take a walk outside and allow the energy to move, before they transition to next part of their day.
  • This session does not involve mediation. If you are seeking mediation, please book a mediation intake appraisal appointment.
  • This session does not involve legal advice. If you seek legal advice, please book a legal consultation.
  • If you have any accessibility issues that you would like to let us know before we meet, please get in touch prior to your consultation.