Paying for private school fees – family law and child support




You might be asking yourself :

  • Can I force my ex to pay for private school fees; or
  • Can my ex force me to pay private school fees?

There is no simple yes or no answer to those questions.

Orders for payment of school fees, medical expenses and clothing expenses are payments that would be “child support otherwise than in the form of periodic amounts paid to the carer” within the meaning of the Child Support (Assessment) Act.

In certain circumstances, an application may be made to court for an order for the liable parent to provide child support in a form other than periodic payments made to the carer of the child/children.

If you wish to obtain legal advice about your rights and obligations in relation to the payment of school fees, medical expenses or clothing, contact Claire Naidu & Co.  We are able to provide you individualised legal advice to assist you with your legal questions and family law matters.