Not happy with your current lawyer?


Choosing a lawyer can be a difficult process – particularly if you do not know anyone in the industry or if you do not know anyone who has been through a divorce or family law matter and you have no one you trust to ask for a good referral.

So how do you know that you made the right decision?

Think about the advice that you have been given.  Does it sit well with you?

You do not have to be a family law expert to have an opinion about whether the information being provided to you feels right.  Family law is not always black and white and there is no set formula where you plug in the numbers and get your answer.  There is often a range of possibilities and the advice that you are receiving might be within the range, outside the range or skewed to one end of the range.

If you want to seek clarity and get a legal second opinion, we can help.  You do not have to change from your current lawyer – we can provide you with one-off advice.  You simply need to book an initial appointment with and we can help you go through the process.  We can provide you with the assurance that you are looking for.

Contact Claire Naidu & Co, Family Lawyers and Mediators to book your initial appointment.  There is no obligation to continue to engage us after your initial appointment and we are happy to provide you with one-off advice (or we can discuss further if you are thinking about having us as your lawyer on an ongoing basis).  Our advice can supplement the advice you have already received or provide you with greater insight and information into how best to proceed with your family law / divorce matter and achieve the results that you are looking for.

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