"We are all leaders, we are all learners, and we all have much to share. "

- Claire Naidu -

Mentoring Provided
  • Private (individuals)
  • Groups (work teams (workplace, charities and community groups), families (family units together or separated, extended families), subject matter focused (women in leadership, professionals, consent, women in business)
When might you engage Claire?

Examples (for both individual and group mentoring):

  • You value making good decisions and are facing a situation and you want to explore the best decision for you.
  • You are successful and also know that there are things you would like to improve and work on.
  • You  want to work with a trusted mentor.
  • You want to enhance things in your life.
  • You want to enjoy life even more.
  • You want someone to ask you the questions to help you arrive at the best solutions.
  • You want to create deeper connections.
  • You want to create a more meaningful life or enhance an already meaningful life.
  • You want to release those things holding you back.
  • You want to move through something or close a relationship or situation in the most compassionate way.
  • You have a good life and would also like to make improvements.
  • You would like to move through something.
  • You would like greater clarity on something.
  • You want to move beyond the conflict, problems and limitations that you are experiencing so you can focus on better relationships and creating a life of your dreams.
  • You value the good in your life and want to enjoy even more of it.
  • You are wanting more peace in your life, team and relationships and/or  looking to sprinkle a bit of magic. 

Claire is innately skilled in seeing, asking questions, and revealing clarity.  She loves to work with people who want to understand complexities and reshape these in a way so that the path becomes clearer.

Claire can assist you with:

  • Hearing your own wisdom (and the wisdom of the group - whether that be a family unit or a working group)
  • Providing a sounding board for you to consider options
  • Asking the questions
  • Moving through changes, transition mentoring
  • Discussing highly sensitive or confidential topics, Personal Mentoring
  • Expanding life experience, life mentoring
  • Relationship guidance
  • Resolution coaching
  • Conflict to peace coaching
  • Communications
  • Going deeper, mindfulness, connection mentoring

What is on Offer?
Individual Mentoring
  •  One session (Ailm) --  $230
    • One session by
      • audio/telephone or zoom; or
      • walking - Walking Mindfulness and Mentoring - Lap around Yerrabi Pond, Gungahlin. You can attend by audio/telephone if overseas or interstate or live on the south side of Canberra (because we all know that the never shall the twain meet, or you could attend in-person if you chose to cross the great divide of Lake Burley Griffin).
  • Three sessions (Triskele)-  $679
    • One month of up to 3 sessions
    • First session face to face or video zoom.  All other sessions by telephone or audio only zoom.
  • Three month package (Triquetra) - $2,760
    • Three months of up to 12 session
    • First session face to face or video zoom.  All other sessions by telephone or audio only zoom.
  • Twelve month package (Full Seasons) - $7,260
    • Mentoring over twelve months, up to 44  sessions
    • First session by zoom or face to face.  All other sessions by telephone or audio only zoom.
Group Mentoring & Masterminds
  • Leadership
    • Currently in session.  Join waitlist for next group.
  •  Families
    • Families (All family units including families of origin, new families, blended Families, separated or together).  On Application.
    • Professionals
      • Currently taking Applications from professionals (lawyers, mediators, arbitrators) wanting greater balance in their work.  Applications for small group mentoring/coaching or group mastermind.
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    How to proceed?

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    About Claire

    Claire mentors 1:1, professionals, leaders, families and groups.

    Claire Naidu is trained in mentoring, coaching, relationship management, mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, communication skills, conflict management coaching including in the Cinnie Noble CINERGY(TM) Conflict Management Coaching which integrates neuroscience principles with conflict management and coaching theory and practice.  She has undertaken training through Melanie Ann Layer including the Coach Program and Mentoring.   She has also completed a program on mindfulness, relationships and reconciliation through Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village.

    Claire has a legal background with emphasis on resolution.

    Claire brings her training and experience with her intuitive approach to her mentoring .

    For more about Claire, see About Claire.