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Mediations are an opportunity to resolve issues with another person, group or organisation.  Mediations are a discussion facilitated by a separate and independent person.

Claire Naidu is a nationally accredited mediator and provides assistance to those who are looking to move beyond the conflict.  Claire provides mediation and dispute resolution services to private individuals, businesses, government and through various panels.

She also serves on the Australian Capital Territory Law Society Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee which role includes raising the awareness of dispute resolution and mediation in the profession and the wider community.  She also serves as the Australian Capital Territory Representative to the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (AIFLAM).  AIFLAM promotes mediation and arbitration as a means of dispute resolution and is often considered by the Judiciary and Government as a spokesperson for mediator and arbitrator interests.

Claire Naidu & Co create an environment that encourages and facilitates discussions with a focus on creating better outcomes now and for the future.


Mediations can be conducted online (including video mediation), by telephone and mediations in-person (including interstate and internationally).

Mediation Costs

Claire Naidu & Co offer mediation services on an hourly and a fixed fee basis. For more details about costs, click here.

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Claire Naidu & Co offer a specialised and confidential relationship mediation.  This could be supervisor/supervisee, government/citizen, business partners, work colleagues, family members, spousal relationships and other types of relationships.

Claire Naidu & Co assist people in a range of different situations.  For example:

  1. There is an issue at work and you have not been able to resolve it directly;
  2. You are in business and you would like to resolve partnership issues;
  3. You are separating with your spouse and would like to resolve property and/or parenting matters;
  4. You would like to resolve issues with a family member or extended family member;
  5. You have a dispute with a government department;
  6. You have a matter in court but you would like to settle it out of course;
  7. You have a dispute with someone and have not been able to resolve it directly between yourselves;
  8. You are having communication issues;
  9. You are having issues with your partner that you would like to resolve
  10. You are have a specific issue or issues that you would like to resolve;
  11. You have a contract dispute;
  12. You are concerned that your matter could be headed to court and would prefer to try and resolve it without having to go to court;
  13. You would like to divorce and want to have discussions with your ex-partner;
  14. You have a dispute with a business partner; or

Claire Naidu & Co can assist with a range of relationship and communication issues whether they arise in the workplace, in dealing with business or government matters, or in the home.

Claire Naidu understands the importance of discretion and confidentiality, particularly for those in highly sensitive positions.

Claire Naidu & Co mediate relationship disputes with participants from all around the world (including Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and the United Kingdom).

They offer mediation for:

  • Relationship disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Workplace relations
  • Business disputes
  • Government disputes
  • Parenting arrangements
  • Property disputes
  • Intergenerational disputes
  • Family law (property and custody – including section 60i related matters)
  • Disputes involving Wills and estates
  • Other relationship and interpersonal disputes

Are you looking for an experienced mediator to assist you facilitate discussions in a safe and confidential way?

 Claire Naidu & Co are the people to help you.  Claire Naidu is experienced, reliable and understands and values the importance of confidentiality.

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