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Claire Naidu & Co offers Mediation services for the Canberra, Queanbeyan and ACT region from our offices in Gungahlin. We also service clients interstate and can assist clients from NSW, Victoria and across Australia and Internationally.

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Mediation provided by Claire Naidu & Co is an opportunity to discuss and focus on resolution.

Sometimes it can be difficult to resolve issues and a third person who is a qualified mediator can assist. If you are have issues and have not been able to resolve with the other person, mediation can assist.

Mediation is the process where an unrelated and unbiased third party will facilitate communication between two or more conflicting parties with a view to resolving an issue or issues.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process which involves two or more parties who are in dispute and the process is facilitated by an independent neutral called a mediation. The mediator may:

  • Assist the parties in understanding the dispute
  • Facilitate discussion
  • Assist the parties develop options
  • Considering the various options and possibility of resolution

Why should I choose mediation?

Mediation is not suited to all types of disputes, however, most matters are likely to be assisted by mediation. If you have concerns about whether mediation is right for you and your matter, you can call us to discuss and consider whether mediation is the right path for you.

Mediation can occur without the need for court process or if court has commenced, mediation may be used after proceedings have commenced and before a final hearing.

Mediation allows the conflicting parties more control over the handling of their dispute than if the matter is decided by a third person, such as Judge.

There may be costs benefits to mediation, particularly if it avoids the need for litigation. Legal costs can vary, however, generally, if matters are resolved earlier and without the need for litigation, the legal costs are likely to be less than if the matter proceeds through court to a final hearing.

You may have a lawyer present at mediation although you are not required to do so. You may consider attending a mediation alone or bring your solicitor or a support person. If you are considering bringing a support person with you, you should let the mediator know in advance of the mediation.

What cases are suited to mediation?

In Canberra and across Australia, mediation is required in many family law matters before the matter can be filed at court. Consequently, many family law matters attend some mediation. The mediation may relate to parenting agreements, parenting plans, sole custody, child visitation, property settlements and other divorce and family law matters.

Even if a matter is already in court, there are some cases where the judicial officer may order that the parties attend a family mediation.

Canberra Mediations / Mediation in Australia

If you are seeking mediation in Canberra or the greater ACT region, or otherwise mediation relating to an Australia family law matter, Claire Naidu & Co may assist you. We are experienced family law mediators and will with you to achieve resolution.

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