Making a Will – Being Prepared for Change


“Change is the only constant in life” 

I made a will about 12 months ago.  I thought it was good to go for about more than five years, but there has been changes that have happened in the last 12 months that have influenced what I would like to happen if I were to pass away (morbid sounding, I know).  I want to be clear to my loved ones so they are not spending time trying to second guess what I would have wanted.  

It is actually surprising the change that can happen in less than 12 months. I realised when I reviewed that Will that it no longer reflects my current wishes.  Most of the updated Will will remain the same but there are some parts that I want to change.   

It is important to review your will from time to time to make sure that it reflects your wishes.  

You might be so busy living life that you have forgotten to do a will or review your current will.  Now more than ever, 2020 is as good a year as any to to review our wishes and make sure our loved ones know what we want to happen.

If you want to make a Will or change a current one, we can help you.  Ph: 02 6109 0118 or schedule a free ten minute chat via our website 

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