Do you want clarity about whether or not to separate? 

It is okay to wonder about this question.

Michelle Obama's mother would ask this question to herself once every single year at the same time of year.  Not because she had to, but because she wanted to.

You might have had this question come up for you before but not allowed yourself to really consider the possibilities.

We have created a space for you to get clear on this issue.  For you to truly become aware of what is best for you.  For your family.

We have created an online program for you, "Getting Clear - Whether or not to Separate."

You will have access to the energy of becoming clear.

There are videos available to you.  They are ready for you to complete in your own time and at your own pace.

We are here to support you in exploring this issue, so that - whatever decision you make - you feel confident in knowing that it is the right one for you, whatever that decision is.

And by the way, Michelle's mother did continue to choose to stay with her husband.  But the point here is that she chose it.  She did not feel stuck in a relationship.  She did not feel that she could not leave.  She choose to stay together and she felt the freedom in making her choice.

This program is for you to experience the freedom in becoming clear and making your choice.  With the freedom and confidence of making that choice.

Claire xxx.

About  - "Getting Clear - Whether to Separate or Not"

Clarity is about "getting clear, having greater understanding".

This program is here for you so that you can become more clear and have greater clarity about what is the right decision for you.

You will be guided with a series of videos that will help you to consider the issues and decide what to do.

You can complete these videos at your own pace and in your own time.

About the Program Facilitator - Claire Naidu

‘I believe better relationships create better lives.  I am here to guide you to have better relationships in our life.  You deserve it.’ - Claire Naidu


Claire is a Relationships Consultant.  She has a lot of credentials.  A lot of training.  A lot experience.  And a lot passion.  If you want to check out her bio - there is a link here.  Claire Naidu Bio

She is a relationships lawyer.  But this program does not provide legal advice.

She has a commerce degree.  But you are not getting accounting advice.

She is a relationships mediator.  But you are not getting mediation.

She is an arbitrator.  But you are not getting arbitration.

So if I am not getting any of that, what am I getting?

You are getting something much better than that.

You are getting relationship guidance from someone with decades of experience helping thousands of people with their relationships.  You are getting someone who wants you to have the best life and with the best relationships.  Working with Claire you can propel yourself forward into the best relationships of your life.  You will become clear about which ones you want to keep and develop and foster, and which ones you are ready to lovingly say goodbye and wrap up.

"Getting Clear" is for you if:

You are wondering if your relationship is right for you.

You are wondering if you should separate?

If you are not sure what to do?

If you want more from your relationship?

Do you feel ready to do this for your relationship?

Do you feel ready to do this for you?

If your answer is yes, you are welcome and invited to come in...

As an introductory price, we are offering the video series for $55AUD.

I'm in!