She thinks her relationship is falling apart.

It isn’t.

She is.

But that’s good.

Because she needs to see herself as she really is, so that she can put herself back together as she really is.

It was never about the relationship working or not.

It was about coming home to herself so that she could be at home in her.

She was fighting against the world, but she was really fighting against herself.

When she let it go.

When she dropped the sword.

When she dropped the resistance.

When she released the tension in her jaw and elsewhere in her body.

She came to this calm.

This calmness. The centredness. She remembered it. It had been there before. Nay, always it had been there.

But she had been so busy fighting she had forgotten that it was there.

She stepped away.

She took a step back.

She gave an inch, and in that, she found herself miles ahead.

What had once been an obstacle was illusory.

The solutions are always there. But in the forcing, the pulling, and in the exhaustion, it is not seen. It can’t be seen. It isn’t seen. It is forgotten.

Until one day, having tried everything, and with all the might, she realises, this cannot be the way.

There must be a way. And this is not it.

This life can be paradoxical.

Sometimes to move forward, you must first move within.

The pilgrimage is not to an external place, it is to the centre of the self.

Sometimes to go up, we must first go down.

Sometimes to advance, we must first retreat.

It is a funny place to be. Scary at first, but then, it’s like doors open that you did not even realise were there before.

You can’t see things while you are focusing on other things.

It doesn’t mean that they are not there. But they are not visible, until they are.

Your life was not meant to be this hard. But it can be. For as long as you need to be sure of yourself that this is no longer the way.

Release the conditions.

Release the controls.

She has so much love for everyone, that she didn’t realise that she wasn’t allowing the flow to her.

The flow in life begins again.

And it is never too late to allow the flow to begin again.

Flow.  By Claire Naidu. 


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