Family Law Mediation Pilot

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The Family Law Court in Parramatta commenced a mediation pilot in 2011.  Due to the success of the program, the mediation program is being extended to the Sydney Family Court Registry from today, 2 April 2013.

The mediation service is available in family law matters involving children’s issues, where at least one party is legally aided or an independent children’s lawyer (ICL) has been appointed and the court orders the parties to attend mediation or the matter is adjourned so the parties may attend mediation.
Back in 2011, the New South Wales Legal Aid Office commenced a court-ordered mediation pilot (referred to as “COMP”) in family law matters at Parramatta Family Law Courts.

Of the 129 matters mediated by the Court-Ordered Mediation Pilot last year, 82% had not previously undertaken family dispute resolution and 53% of the matters reached full agreement, 22% were resolved by interim agreement and 13% were partially resolved. Only 12% of these matters did not reach settlement. Over a three-month period last year, the scheme mediated three long running, complex family court matters referred to the COMP prior to hearing – the settlements resulted in a total of 17 days hearing time saved. #1


If you have any questions in relation to a family law or mediation matter, contact Claire Naidu & Co, Lawyers and Mediators.  Our contact details may be located by clicking here.


#1 NSW Legal Aid, “Legal Aid News”, April 2013.

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