The ultimate combination ...

The ultimate combination of consulting and resolution along with self development

I combine, your own self development with resolution, so that we can not only focus on what is currently on your mind or in your relationships, but we will also work with developing personally beyond the situation..

It's the ultimate combo of the practical and intuitive. Interlaced together.

Come to peace within, with others, and in the world.

What you get:

3 x private  - 60 min zoom calls

These 1:1 sessions, by zoom, are face to face with Claire, where you will connect the reality of the current situation and the possibilities for the future.  You will learn to utilise the disparity and disagreement to fuel expansion in your life. 

Dispute Resolution

Release the holding patterns which are keeping you within the field of disagreement.Break into new potentialities for resolution and peace. Invest  in the higher potential of life and relationships and dissipate that which is holding you back.

Personal Development

​Create the space in your life to keep your energy and gifts and what excites you, moving and growing, so that life is more fun and enjoyable. Release stagnancy and learn how to command and direct your unique qualities into tangible and lasting results in your life. Experience your resiliency so that your talents and interests continue to thrive.


​When we experience the contrast and combine this with our own personal development, the opportunities and possibilities are really beyond this world. Activate more harmony and happiness in your life and experience your life in flow.