Domestic violence deaths – ACT Review


Review into Domestic violence deaths in the ACT

The ACT Government announced on 26 July 2014 that the Domestic Violence Prevention Council will undertake a review into domestic violence deaths in the ACT.

The review will be conducted into closed cases of domestic violence deaths in the ACT.

Although the Terms of Reference have not been settled as it, it is hoped that the review will look at what might have been done to prevent the violence and what warning signs we should be looking out for.

The ACT Government considers that the review will also assist in achieving the objectives of both the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022 and the ACT Prevention of Violence against Women and Children Strategy 2011-2017.  Under these strategies the ACT Government has committed to driving continuous improvement through sharing outcomes of reviews into deaths and homicides related to domestic violence with other states and territories.

Claire Naidu & Co welcome the review and look forward to consideration of the findings of the review.