Divorce Mediation – Greater Satisfaction with Results?


There are many couples who use divorce mediation (family dispute resolution mediation) and they are more satisfied with their results than going through the court system.

Every relationship and marriage is unique. There are different ways in which people separate and divorce. In some marriages, people are able to resolve their matters more quickly, while others take much longer – some months or even years before they are able to finalise their separation and divorce.

Mediation can be a very good alternative to the traditional court system.

In a divorce mediation (also known as family dispute resolution), the couple will meet with a mediator and have guided discussions (sometimes in the presence of their ex partner, and sometimes in separate rooms or locations from their partner if a shuttle mediation is used).

There are many benefits to mediation. One of which is that the matter can be kept out of the court room. It can provide a more private and confidential procedure than being in the public court rooms.

Another benefit is that resolving the matter amicably through mediation will usually mean that you are keeping your costs of the divorce/separation process to a minimum and likely to be spend much less than if you litigate the matter through the court system.

Mediation can be scheduled relatively quickly. As compared to final hearings in court, which could take months or years before the matter is finally heard.

It is usually considered that mediation can aid in the preservation of a amicable working relationship which may be of incredible importance if the parties to the divorce/separation will have ongoing parenting of children.

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