Covid-19 Family Matters: Wills and Power of Attorneys



With the Covid-19 pandemic, now is a good time to consider reviewing your old will. If you do not have a will, it is a good time to consider preparing a Will to ensure that your wishes are reflected and loved ones taken care of.” – Claire Naidu & Co –


In this uncertain time, it can be a good time to reflect and consider what things we can do for our families and loved ones.

Social distancing, staying at home where possible and practising good hygiene are some of the health advice delivered by the Commonwealth Government. It is also an opportunity for reflection and conversation about:

  1. What would happen if you (or one of your loved ones) were to fall ill and need someone to assist with making decision?
  2. What decisions would you (or your loved ones) want to be made?  And do you (/they) know what decisions you would like them to make?

If you do not have Enduring Power of Attorney and a Will, now is the time to consider preparing these legal documents. If you already have an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Will, you may wish to review and consider whether it requires updating to ensure that your wishes are adequately reflected.

Surveys suggest that over half of Australians do not have a valid Will. If a person dies without a Will (intestate), an application to Court needs to be made to seek the release of the person’s estate. This can be incredibly stressful for loved ones who are grieving at that time.

It is also important to consider what power your loved ones would have to make decisions on your behalf if you no longer had capacity to do so.

We offer a fixed fee price for drafting a standard Will and Enduring Power of Attorney. We are able to offer solutions to prepare and finalise these documents while complying with the social distancing requirements during the current pandemic.

Our team of experienced family lawyers are able to provide you with advice and support in your matter. If you would like enquire further or schedule an appointment, click here for our contact details.

Note: This article does not constitute legal advice and Claire Naidu & Co is not responsible for any reliance upon its contents.  If you would like specialist legal advice and would like to know what is best for your situation, contact us for a fixed fee initial appointment.

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