Covid-19 Family Law Matters: Parenting Arrangements during the Pandemic



The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing unprecedented changes to the family law landscape. Many parents are worried and confused about what COVID-19 means for them, and how it will affect their children and parenting arrangements. “ – Claire Naidu & Co –

During the COVID-19 pandemic you may be considering what impacts there might be on the care arrangements for your child/ren. If you have parenting arrangements in place, for example in a written agreement, parenting plan, Court Orders, or an informal agreement, you should consider how these arrangements can continue in the pandemic or if they should be altered or varied.

In considering possible situations and matters to include, you may wish to consider:

  • If you/ your co-parent tests positive for COVID-19 and any potential isolation that is required for them and/or your child/ren
  • Is the usual handover place still operational, for example if handover was previously occurring at school/childcare, and if not, where are handovers going to happen now?
  • If schools and childcare options are not open or not available to your children, particularly for an extended period, what arrangements need to be made for the children?
  • If you, your child/ren, or anyone in your immediate family is immuno-compromised, what measures should be taken?
  • Is there any impact of travel restrictions on handovers occurring?
  • How often are you and the other parent and child/ren in contact each day, and do any alternate arrangements need to be made?
  • How do you and the other parent co-parent? And how will you communicate regarding the temporary parenting plan or modified parenting arrangements?

If you are considering temporary alternate parenting arrangement and would like legal advice on the proposed changes or you would like assistance drafting new arrangements, Claire Naidu & Co can assist. For example, we can prepare a temporary parenting plan tailored to your specific matter. Temporary parenting plans can focus on short-term needs and outline alternate arrangements in extenuating circumstances.

Our team of experienced family lawyers are able to provide you with advice and assist you in making a temporary alternate parenting arrangements or a temporary parenting plan.

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Note: This blog does not constitute legal advice and Claire Naidu & Co is not responsible for any reliance upon its contents.  

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