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Consent Orders

Claire Naidu & Co encourages our clients to reach agreement outside of court. One concern parties may have in reaching agreement outside of the traditional court process, for example at mediation or by negotiation, is how they can make their agreement legally enforceable.

We can assist parties who reach agreement to formalise their agreement by way of Consent Orders.

The Consent Order process involves filing two documents:

  1. ‘Application for Consent Orders’ form; and
  2. the proposed Consent Orders (the terms of the agreement between the parties).

Although the Consent Order process involves Court Orders it is not the same as having your matter contested at Court. Both documents are filed at the court registry with an associated filing fee and are made “behind the scenes” by the Registrar.

If parties can reach agreement on both issues they may seek Orders which address both property and parenting matters. Alternatively, some parties may choose to create Consent Orders in relation to one matter at a time or in relation to one matter only.

We have a range of flexible fee options to suit different needs. In addition, we offer a range of mediation and dispute resolution services including mediation, arbitration and conflict coaching.

If you are interested in finding out more about Consent Orders or formalising an agreement, contact us. 

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