You are invited to join "Connected"

You are invited to enter this beautiful space and become connected with your word.

Let’s do this together.

Claire xxx.

Connected (adjective & noun):

‘The state of being connected’

‘Two or more things joined together.’

‘Related to something (eg connected with your word).’

You can have a word for the year, even if you have never had one before.

You get to have your own word for the year, it does not have to be the same as anyone else.

You get to have your word, even if you are not clear what that word is yet.

Your word can be magical in your life.

"Connected" is for you if:

You want to know your word of the year; or

You want to commit to your word for the year; or

You want to connect with your word; or

You want to understand your word; or

You want to grow and learn from your word; or

You want to connect with others who also want to connect with their word; or

 You want to dive deep into your word and see the wonders of your word.

You can join in the live round - It is not too late to join. You can join the live sessions and also watch the replays.

This beautiful space is in a private group.

The live videos will be available on replay.

Even if you feel like you are ready or you have left it too late, it is not too late, this is a beautiful opportunity to delve into your word and learn and grow and understand your word and where it will take you in the year that is to come.

$176 AUD.

Let's get ready to uncover, unveil, reveal what our word has to offer!  Pay once and enjoy connected all year long.

Let's create magic from our word.

I'm in!

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