Welcome to "Connected"

Connected is a beautiful group and course to connect with your word of the year for the whole year.

I would love for you to join me.

Claire xxx

Connected means:

‘The state of being connected’

‘Two or more things joined together.’

‘Related to something (eg connected with your word).’

Being connected with your word in this special program called "Connected" allows you the whole year to carry through and explore your word of the year.

You can do this program even if you have never chosen a word of the year before.  You can start now.    If you are not sure of your word of the year yet, we can help guide you if you are not clear what that word is yet.

Connecting with your word of the year can create magic.

"Connected" is great if you are interested or ready to know your word of the year and have fun and expand your understanding and experience with your word of the year.

Tell me More!

This is a beautiful space in private group and there are monthly live sessions.

You can join the live sessions and also watch the replays for the year of 2022.

This an opportunity for you to delve into your word and learn and grow and understand your word and where it will take you in the year that is to come.  It is going to be a lot of fun.

Let's get ready to uncover, unveil, reveal what our word has to offer!  Enjoy connected for the year.

Let's create magic.

$99 AUD

I'm in!

Join the facebook Group

Once you have bought your spot, head on over and join the Facebook group here: www.facebook.com/groups/connected2022 

 The doors will open on the first day of the year.  You can request to join the group before this time, however, you will be added manually minutes before the group opens.

My word of the year - Nature

One year, I choose nature as my word of the year.  I created this video.