Canberra Agency matters


Canberra Agency Matters

Claire Naidu & Co are available to serve as town agents in all courts in and around the city of Canberra.

Our litigation and mediation experience ensures familiarity with the rules and customary practice of courts in the Australian Capital Territory including the Canberra Family Court of Australia and the Canberra Federal Circuit Court.

The scope of our role as town agent depends on your needs.  We are available to assist you in a limited role such as filing documents, or a more substantive role such as provide procedural or legal advice, settling documents, appearance at interim and final hearing.

We regularly appear as town agents for other firms including firms within the ACT and interstate.

Our services include:

  • Court appearances including interim and final hearings, Pre Hearing Directions, Listing Hearings, Directions and Mentions;
  • Attendances at Mediation/Conciliation Conference;
  • Lodgements and filing; and
  • Caveat lodgement and withdrawal.

For further information or engage us as your Canberra Agents, contact Claire Naidu & Co