♥ Bling Angel Claire ♥

Claire is a compassionate and empathic listener.  She is a great person to talk to.  She is not afraid the big conversations - the deep and meaningful ones.

Conversations are confidential.  No topic is off limits.  You can talk about the big issues or something smaller that has been on your mind.  If you have a question, Claire is the Angel to come along side and work it through with you.

What does all of this mean?

Claire is a certified Bling Angel.

This means that she works with the "Find Your Bling" cards and offers guidance and holding meaningful conversations about what really matters to you.

You can book in for the twenty minute session or the one hour session.  Why not try a twenty minute session and see what it is all about?

What has been said about the Bling Angels?

“I loved it.  What I thought was the answer really really evolved.  It became something different that I needed.  And it was great.”

“It was good. I’m still thinking and writing”.

"Everything that was pushed under came out.  I was really able to look how what I was being driven by, love or fear, and how I am grounding.  Claire and I went really deep quickly.  I am going to spend the rest of the day reflecting on this."

Tell me more about what it means to have a Bling Angel?

A Bling Angel:

  • is compassionate and understands the struggles and challenges
  • is kind, supportive and uplifting;
  • creates a safe space for clients to fully express themselves, without judgement;
  • has an incredible ability to understand their client’s situations and see a way forward;
  • offers guidance and direction to create a tomorrow that is better than today;
  • is a life-time learner and is willing to learn from everyone around them;
  • listens more than they talk and truly stays present in the moment with clients;
  • is grateful to be on a journey with you and will give their best no matter what;
  • walks their talk and will be alongside their clients every step of the way;
  • is heart-centred, sincere and cares about you.

She knows your transformation lies in the power of a heartfelt conversation.

She will treat you with respect and kindness.

She will guide you to help find solutions and strategies towards the answers you are seeking.

She will be there for you, so you can move forward and make things happen in whatever way works best for you.

She understands your ups and downs and that it takes time to digest everything happening in your life.

This is what makes A Bling Angel session so special and powerful.

Bling Angel sessions are treated as confidential.

Is a Bling Angel Session Right for you?

If you are you ready to receive insights, clarity and direction around a question you would like answered, then yes!

Book your Bling Angel session with Claire:

20 mins - $55

1 hour - $150

90 mins - $200

Click here to make contact for a session.

♥ Bling Angel Claire ♥