Australian Child Protection


Child Protection is a global challenge.

“For societies to flourish socially and economically, all children must have the opportunity to reach their physical, psychological, intellectual and social potential.  For our most vulnerable children, including those at risk of abuse or neglect, we have a special duty of care.”  – Professor Dorothy Scott, 2009

The Commonwealth Government of Australia provides one of the world’s most comprehensive child protection data collections which is published annual.  It is called Child Protection Australia.  It is available by clicking this link: Child Protection Australia

The number of child protection notifications and substantiations recorded in Australia has been on the rise.

Professor Freda Briggs says, “It is recognised that, to provide better protection for children, there has to be a multi-disciplinary community approach using early intervention programmes to strengthen families, reduce risks and the negative effects of the child abuse after it has already occurred.  This includes community and professional education to change damaging child-rearing attitudes and behaviours, recognise the early signs of abuse and neglect and give children sufficient knowledge and skills to recognise, escape from and report sexually inappropriate behaviour and cyber bullying.” (Child Protection, 2012, p6).

To achieve this, Professor Briggs considers the capacity of the current and future workforce must be prepared across the range of child -related services including the legal system.  This includes lawyers and judges and others involved in the system. The Family Law Courts have significant involvement and power by way of orders in the lives, mental health and safety of children.

We wonder, what services are in place to assist those studying the law and in practice to receive education and be better prepared?  If you are aware of specific course at university or subsequent legal education in this area, we invite you to share this information with us.

We also wonder, what support and practical assistance is put in place to assist all families develop sound parenting skills?  And not just those families already identified within the care and protection system, but all families.

Nelson Mandela said, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”.


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