An Unhappy Marriage


I recently read a quote about how divorce was better than staying in an unhappy marriage.  This may be the case, although it is not necessarily so.  Times in our lives are not always happy and while unhappiness is not always wanted, it provides an opportunity for a person, or in the case of a marriage, to learn and grow together.  It provides a point in time in which a couple can choose to learn and adapt, or just accept the unhappiness, or to complete their time together as a married couple and move on to other things.

Unhappiness in a marriage does not mean that it is time to flick it good bye.  It could be that you very much love each other but are both unhappy and if the unhappiness could be resolved, then you would want to continue being together.

It could be that only one person is unhappy and the other person is completely oblivious to that.  It could be said that it is incumbent on the unhappy person to work out what it the issue and deal with it which may include communicating that to the other person or maybe not.

Just because someone sees me as their family lawyer or their family mediator, does not mean that I automatically assume that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.  In the field of family law, I encourage my clients who come to see about divorce matters, to obtain as much information as they can before deciding what to do next.  If there is the possibility of not separating, then this can be explored.  Or if they have separated but their is the possibility of reconciling, then this is explored.

Some options including counselling, marriage counselling, family therapy, conflict coaching, and mediation.  These services are not all provided by my business, however, I refer our to other organisations and people to assist.  However, if the matter is suitable for conflict coaching or mediation, then my firm is able to provide these services to assist parties.

If divorce is the only way forward that the client sees as appropriate, then Claire Naidu & Co, Lawyers and Mediators can help that client through the divorce process including sorting out custody arrangements, sorting out property matters and who get whats when sorting out assets, as well as dissolution of the marriage.

We offer a free telephone consultation (time limited and conditions apply) to ensure that we are best suited to assist you.  If you wish to proceed, we offer a fixed fee initial consultation (in person or by telephone).

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  • Written by Claire Naidu –  Accredited Family Law Specialist, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Accredited Mediator, Accredited Arbitrator and Conflict Coach.