Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee – ACT Law Society


We are pleased to announce that our principal lawyer, mediator and arbitrator, Claire Naidu, has been invited by the President of the ACT Law Society to join the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

With great honour, Ms Naidu has accepted the invitation and is looking forward to contributing to Alternative Dispute Resolution within Australia.

The Committee Charter prescribes that the role of the Committees is to:
• provide advice to the President, the Executive Committee and the Council in connection with their areas of expertise;
• scrutinise the ACT Government’s legislative program to identify bills and subordinate legislation on which the Society should comment;
• draft submissions to government and other interested parties on matters within their area of expertise as directed by the President, the Chief Executive Officer or of their own volition;
• where appropriate, identify and seek assistance from other members of the Society who can provide assistance to the Committee about specific issues;
• keep the President informed of significant current or anticipated developments which could affect the legal profession;
• be responsible for the identification of topics and presenters of CPD seminars within their area of expertise; and
• draft, or cause to be drafted by other members of the Society, articles on current issues within their areas of expertise for publication through the Society’s media.