Adoption including Adult Adoption


Adoption including Adult Adoption

Adoption is a formal process where the person assumes the parenting of another even though they are not biologically their parent. Adoption is common for step parents wishing to obtain some legal recognition of their relationship with the person.

In the ACT, the Adoption Act 1993 (ACT) (“the Act”) governs the adoption process including providing the legislative requirements for adoption and consent.

In the ACT, the adoption process usually involves making an application for adoption to the Supreme Court with supporting Affidavits from interested parties, including by the person wishing to adopt providing an explanation of the circumstances and their relationship with the person.

If the person being adopted is under the age of 18 years there is a consent requirement from the parent(s) of the child although in some circumstances consent may be dispensed with. There is no requirement for consent from the parent(s) if the person being adopted is an adult.

Although there is no legal requirement to adopt an adult it is one way for step parents to obtain legal recognition of the relationship they have with their step child.

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