Welcome to A More Peaceful Life

A More Peaceful Life

A More Peaceful Life is a Journey in peace and to peace in areas of life that are beyond where travelled before. It is currently being run as a live program with Claire Naidu. We explore eight different areas of peace from where you feel that you are now and then we go beyond.

This journey is well suited for:

  • Someone who feels that their life is in pretty good order but would like to make improvements and tweaks to make it even better; or
  • Someone who feels like there are some areas that are pretty good, and then other areas that feel could really be improved.

You do not have to be in conflict or at war with anyone or yourself. It is about expanding your experience of peace from where you are.

We kick off the program together with six live sessions over seven weeks. There are also two optional free individual sessions with Claire.

The price is $444.00.

We are in session throughout July 2022 and we can help get you up to date. You will not be ‘behind’ – it will always be the right time.

About the Presenter

Claire Naidu is a Mentor, Mediator, Arbitrator and Lawyer.

Along with her traditional tertiary studies including two bachelor degrees and a masters degree, she has studied in mindfulness, leadership, resolution and mentoring.

Click here for ‘About Claire’ if you are wanting more.