Claire is a leader in field of surrogacy arrangements and parentage applications.  She has been involved in surrogacy law for many years as the Australian Capital Territory has permitted altruistic surrogacy arrangements earlier than many other jursidictions.

Do you want to protect your rights in a surrogacy arrangement?

We can help you meet the legislative requirements of your state or territory.  Each surrogacy arrangement is unique and different.  At Claire Naidu & Co, we are able to advise you and prepare documents that suit your unique situation and ensure that you are recognised by law as the parents.  You already know that your are the parents, but the law needs to know as well.

Do you need to obtain legal advice about a surrogacy arrangement that you would like to enter?

Claire Naidu & Co are able to provide you with the necessary independent legal advice about your proposed surrogacy arrangements.

Do you need to get a written surrogacy agreement?

The requirements for surrogacy agreements differ between the Australian states and territories.  There are many factors to take into account including which state you you live, where the surrogate mother lives, where the IVF procedure occurs and where the baby is born.  We can provide you with personalised advice depending your situation.   We can take the worry out of the legal issues for you and let you focus on getting things ready for baby.

If you would like confidential advice in relation to this matter or another matter, contact Claire Naidu & Co via email at or telephone on 0410 557 276.