Do you have questions about Special Medical Procedures for children? Do you want to know how to make an application to the Family Court? special medical procedure family court

Some examples of special medical procedures include sterilisation procedures and treatment for gender identity dysphoria, gender reassignment, tissue or organ donation.

In 1992, the High Court of Australia decided in the case of Marion that the scope of parental authority did not extend to special medical procedures like sterilisation. Justice Brennan considered that some medical procedures involve issues that are as much social or moral as they are legal and the answer to them is inevitably affected by personal perceptions of the current social conditions, standards, and demands.

Certain medical procedures proposed for children require the approval of the Family Court of Australia. If you have questions about a special medical procedure application regarding yourself, your child or someone you know, Claire Naidu & Co are able to assist you.

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special medical procedure family court

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