relationship re-adjusted

Five Week Online Mentoring Program


relationship re-adjusted

Five Week Online Mentoring Program

This is for the ones ready to do the work on their relationship and get it back on track.

💡 Work out path you want to be on in your relationship
💡 What to avoid along the way
💡Work out the steps of how to get there

💫Plus a whole lot of info and guidance to help you get-out-ahead-of it all in your relationships.

There are 5 live sessions available for you to come to live and participate or watch on playback.  Be part of the Relationship Re-Adjusted Facebook group for the five-week program.

There are live and ongoing activities that you can work on each week.  Grow, develop and implement changes in your life and in your relationship.

Module 1:
– Getting your head in the game 

  • Understanding your current relationship
  • Clarify what are you wanting from the relationship
  • Understanding what the other person may be wanting

Module 2:
– Overcome your limiting beliefs–

  • Understanding your beliefs
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Considering new possibilities

Module 3:
– Your options–

  • Identity options
  • Identify even more options
  • Contemplate options

Module 4:
– Implementation –

  • Make choices
  • Implement choices
  • Readjustments

Module 5:
– Relationship Re-Adjusted –

  • Review of changes in the relationship.
  • Boundaries and agreements
  • What has worked?
  • What you will continue to do and what you will leave behind.

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The next live round starts 14th January 2021 and the content is accessed through a private Facebook group.

The live round includes workbooks, videos and a whole lot of great bonuses.

You’ll be able to connect with any other members who are completing the program, as well as Claire of course.
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