Have the parents of your grandchildren separated or divorced? Do you want the right to see your grandchildren?

 Or do you have concerns about the welfare of a child or have a family law matter involving a child?

 Multigenerational and multi-party disputes requires an understanding of the family dynamics and connections. We are able to assist you with our mediation and dispute resolution skills and we can offer a multidisciplinary approach to the resolution of your family law matter.

We are experienced litigators and can take cases to a court trial when necessary. However, we encourage ADR, mediation, collaboration and negotiations where possible to resolve disputes.

If you would like confidential family law advice about your rights as a grandparent, or if you are another interested party the family law system (such as an Aunt, Uncle, godparent, friend) then Claire Naidu & Co are able to assist you with your family law.  Email enquiries@clairenaidu.com.au or for a confidential discussion, call 0410 557 276.

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