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We have made it easy and convenient for you – we lay it all out with the different pricing options.

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Mediation – Mediation Options

Family Law  – Family Law Cost Options

Wills (and Power of Attorneys) – Will pricing options

Once Off Advice  – Once off Consultation Fee Pricing

Domestic Violence Orders (DVO) & Personal Protection Order (PPO) and AVOs – DVO and PPO Options



If you just want some advice and you do the rest yourself to minimise your fees, then you should check out our Once off Consultation Fee Pricing

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We see people in varying stages of their life including those who are about to move in with someone and want to protect their assets, those wishing to adopt or enter into surrogacy arrangements, those in relationships but considering separation, and those who have separated and want to finalise with divorce, property settlement and/or children matters.

You have the option of meeting us face to face, or consulting by phone or using video conferencing.

We value our time and expertise, as do our clients, and we focus on providing a premium service and our fees are very reasonable considering our experience and skills in resolving disputes.  Plus, you get to choose which option to take.