Relationship challenges can be gifts


Any conflict can be challenging, whether that be conflict in the workplace, conflict with family or with friends.  There are opportunities that come with all challenges, although it can be hard to see it when you are going through it. There is often a re-balancing of priorities and a new centre that is found within. This week’s quote is from Oprah … Read More

I am what I choose to become


We work with people who have found themselves in situations that they may wish to not have been in. What has happened to them is important, but what they become is more important. We can choose how we respond to our circumstances. We can choose what we do and what we become. We share another beautiful quote from Nelson Mandela. … Read More

Relationship Harmony


Not all relationships progress in the same way or at the same rate. They may be different from the relationships that have been modelled to you or your relationships may be different with different people. It is okay to be different, difference can create harmony. Harmony can be created when we learn how to work together with the differences and … Read More

Collaborative Family Lawyers: Claire Naidu & Co


Collaborative Family Law is a different way of approaching the resolution process of family law matters.  It aims to promote the resolution of disputes and keep the matter outside of the court system. It is a voluntary process where parties agree to opt into the Collaborative process and keep out of Court. The lawyers sign an agreement whereby they will … Read More