What are Donor insemination agreements?

Donor insemination agreements set out your intentions as parents and the relationship your child will have (if any) with the sperm donor.  The donor agreement will provide guidance to the court to determine what is in your child’s best interests should a dispute arise between you and the sperm donor.

We are able to provide you with legal advice in relation to:

–          Donor insemination Agreements

–          Orders including an application for consent orders for parental responsibility

–          Wills which canvass the guardianship of your minor children, Powers of Attorney and Powers of Enduring Guardian.


What is on the birth certificate?

Different states and territories differ in relation to registration of births.  In NSW, same-sex parents can request a same-sex birth registration form and both be listed on the child’s birth certificate.  Both parents can elect to be recorded as either ‘mother’ or ‘parent’. The birth mother can be recorded on the certificate as birth mother.   The sperm donor can be listed as the father.  When making these decisions, you should consider the legal implications including the effect on your dealings with government agencies such as Medicare, Centrelink and the Passport Office.

Legal Advice

The above information is not legal advice and the law changes from time to time.  For legal advice regarding this issue, Claire Naidu & Co can assist you with the family law legal issues that may arise when planning your family.  Click here for our contact details.

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