AVOs, DVOs and PPOs    Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Orders and Protection Orders can protect you from someone who is threatening, harassing or violent towards you or your children or your property.   

The laws regarding protection orders vary between states and territories.  The laws in NSW are different from the laws in the ACT.  Claire Naidu & Co are able to advise you regarding the distinctions and how they may affect you.

In the ACT, you can make an application in the Magistrates Court.  If you need protection quickly, the matter can usually be heard the Court on the same day as the application – or very very shortly thereafter.  We have lawyers available at short notice if you require assistance on an urgent basis.

When the matter is next in court (after any interim hearing), it is set down for a “registrar’s conference”. The police will try to serve the respondent as soon as possible with the application (and interim order if you have one).

A deputy registrar of the Court will deal with your matter and determine whether the matter can be resolved by agreement between the parties.  If not, the matter will need to go before the Court for a Hearing.

Further Information?

Personal Protection Orders Lawyers and Domestic Violence Order Lawyers (AVO Lawyer, DVO Lawyer, PPO Lawyer)

We can assist you by providing you legal advice and/or representation in court for your personal protection order matter or your domestic violence order matter.  If you want to represent yourself but need some legal advice about how to best represent yourself – talk to us about a one-off appointment.  Alternatively, if you would like representation in court or ongoing advice in relation to a Personal Protection Order or a Domestic Violence order in the ACT, contact Claire Naidu & Co, Lawyer and Mediators.  Click here for our contact details.


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