Are your family court orders being breached?

We can assistance you in ensuring compliance with your family court orders.  We can advise you in relation to your options including whether or not a contravention application is right path for you.  Claire Naidu & Co are experienced in assisting clients obtain orders and ensuring that orders are complied with.

Have you been served with a Contravention Application?

You should obtain legal advice as there are serious consequences if an adverse finding is made against you.  For example, for a more serious contravention without reasonable excuse the Court may:

–          change the parenting orders including changing residence;

–          sentence the contravening person to imprisonment;

–          make an order for costs;

–          subject the contravening party to a community service order;

–          require the contravening party to enter into a bond; and

–          order the contravening party to pay a fine;

Claire Naidu & Co, family lawyers, service clients not only in Canberra but all over Australia.  We are able to provide you with legal advice to assist you in relation to a contravention application, whether you are the applicant or respondent.

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