Where do you want to go in your relationship?

I want to my relationship.

  • Do you want to have better relationships?

  • Do you want to take your relationship in the right direction but unsure what your next step is?

  • Are you entering a relationship and want to manage this to give it the best chance for success?

  • Are you already in a relationship and you want to deepen that relationship?

  • Are you wanting to exit a relationship and want guidance on how to best manage this.

We have three options for you.

relationship sparkle

This is for you if you are thinking:

  • I want to add some magic to my relationship.
  • I want clarity on what I can do in my current relationship.

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relationship re-adjusted

This is for you if you are thinking:

  • I need to make some adjustments to my relationship.
  • I want to improve my current relationship and I want to get some ideas how.
  • I am ready to do the work.

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I'm ready to buy now - count me in!

5 Sessions for $555

relationship wind-down

This is for you if you are thinking:

  • I now it is time to make a break.
  • I want to wind down the relationship as smoothly as possible.
  • I am ready to move on.

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We provide our relationship guidance and Coaching. We will guide you, help you consider options, and you will decide on the next steps.

You will also broaden your own skills with managing issues as arise in your relationships and also decide how you wish to engage in resolution.

We provide guidance and coaching through one-on-one private individual coaching and also online group sessions.  We have a range of packages including "relationship sparkle""relationship re-adjusted" and "relationship wind-down".  

You will be guided by Claire Naidu who has been trained in mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, coaching including the in the CINERGY(TM) Conflict Management Coaching Model (a model which uniquely integrates neuroscience principles with conflict management and coaching theory and practice).  She is also a relationship lawyer, family dispute resolution practitioner, nationally accredited mediator and accredited arbitrator.  She brings a heart based intuitive approach with extensive experience and skills in relationship matters.


Book a 45 minute Online Relationship Guidance Session $165.00

If you are not sure what to do, you can book a 25 minute clarity call for $55.