Care and Protection laws are different in every State and Territory.

Care and Protection matters normally involve at least one state-based government agency.  For example, in NSW, the NSW Department of Family and Community Service (sometimes referred to as DoCs) is involved.  In the ACT, it is under the ACT Government’s Community Services Directorate, the ACT Office for Children, Youth and Family Support.  Care and Protection services are responsible for facilitating government coordination for the care and protection of children and young people.

Has emergency action been taken against your children?

Are considering entering a voluntary agreement?

Do you want to know how to join as a party to court proceedings?

 Claire Naidu & Co have extensive experience acting for children, parents, grandparents and other people in care and protection matters.  Claire Naidu is an experienced advocate for children as the Children’s Lawyer or Children’s representative. We can advise you in relation to your rights including whether or not you should enter into a voluntary agreement, what you should do if your children have been removed and whether you have to grant access to your home.

Canberra family lawyers, Claire Naidu & Co provide legal advice to Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Yass and the surrounding region.

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