Claire Naidu & Co work with their clients to enable the resolution of their family relationship matters, and the transitions within their family relationships.  They understand the importance of familial relationships, the value of family and facilitating positive resolutions for excellent outcomes for their clients.  Helping their clients is their passion and their team will achieve the best results for you.   

Claire Naidu & Co is a locally and nationally recognised firm, with experience and specialisation in assisting people in their relationship disputes including conflict training and advice, family dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, legal advice, including by an accredited family law legal specialist, accredited mediator and lawyers with with training and expertise in relationships.


Dealing with conflict can be hard. We offer conflict coaching services to those involved in interpersonal dispute. For more information, click here.


Third party neutral mediations provided by mediators. For information about Family Relationship Mediation, click here.


We have registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP) to convene family dispute resolution conferences for your family (including section 60i matters). For more information, click here.


Legal Advice and representation – We have expertise in family law. If you are separating and need legal advice, court representation or assistance in finalising your family law matter, for more information, click here.


Family Law Property Arbitration. If you want to opt-in to the Family Law Arbitration system and keep the matter out of court, click here.


Provision of review, guidance and assistance for DIY parties including Divorce, Consent Orders and self-representation. For more information, click here.


We work with our clients to resolve their family relationship matters.  We help clients transition through changing relationships.

We understand the importance of familial relationships and understand the value of family.

We facilitate positive resolution and excellent outcomes.

Helping our clients is our passion and our team can achieve the best results for you.

Our firm has been recognised locally and nationally.

We offer unique skill sets and our approach is unlike any other.

Who we are and what we do

  • We listen to what you want and the outcomes you wish to achieve
  • We take care of the process for you and guide you through
  • We keep you informed and up to date
  • You will receive assistance from family focused specialists
  • We have an Accredited Family Law Specialist
  • We can provide you with a mediator with specialised training and experience in family dispute resolution
  • We are reknown for family conflict resolution
  • We care for our clients and their outcomes

“Claire Naidu & Co made sure I understood what was happening at every stage of the proceedings.”
- KS -
“…many thanks for your time, [it is] very reassuring to know we have such an honest and hardworking professionals assisting during this testing time.”     - SL -
“Prompt responses, good clarification on all matters and with all queries.”     - CM -
“Professional, helpful, affordable and above all, they cared.”    - SB -

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Committed to Resolution

Claire Naidu & Co a committed and vibrant firm which focuses on resolution of family and interpersonal disputes. The Principal, Claire Naidu, is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Family Law Accredited Specialist, Arbitrator and Conflict Coach. Claire Naidu & Co has been recognised locally and Australia-wide.

Top 3rd Law Firm in Australia

ACT Young Businesswoman of the Year

Telstra ACT Business Women’s Awards Finalist

Employer of ACT Young Lawyer of the Year

Winner of the Samson Prize for best International Commercial Dispute Resolution – and more…

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Claire Naidu & Co, Conflict and Resolution specialists providing conflict management training and assistance, dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and specialist advice locally, nationally and internationally. With us, resolution is possible.

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