We believe in helping people to have better relationships with others and themselves.  We help people when they are entering, evolving and ending relationships.
The way we do this is to help people through  providing relationship and connection consultancy and guidance, relationship advice, legal advice, alternative dispute resolution, mediation and conflict & relationship management coaching.

About Claire Naidu & Co

Claire Naidu & Co was founded in 2012 by Claire Naidu to assist individuals, families, businesses, organisations and communities to improve their relationships with themselves and with each other.

Claire Naidu & Co has grown to become locally and nationally recognised.  They work with, assist and guide people improve their relationships and connection with themselves and others.

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Ways to Work with us

You would like to improve your relationship with yourself and/or others.   You would like assistance and guidance to improve your relationships and connections.

You have a legal matter and would like specialist legal advice for your relationship, partnership or family matters.

You would like assistance from an independent person to facilitate discussions with a view to resolving disputes.

You are aware of  some relationship tension and you would like assistance  to help you engage in resolution of the dispute.


Want help with your dispute?  Relationship & conflict coaching services for those involved in interpersonal dispute. For more information, click here.


Third party neutral mediations provided by mediators. For information about Family Relationship Mediation, click here.


We have registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP) to convene family dispute resolution conferences for your family (including section 60i matters). For more information, click here.


Legal Advice and representation – We have expertise in family law. If you are separating and need legal advice, court representation or assistance in finalising your family law matter, for more information, click here.


Family Law Property Arbitration. If you want to opt into Arbitration system and keep the matter out of court, click here.


We review, provide guidance and assistance for those wanting to Divorce, make Consent Orders and do-it-yourself. For more information, click here.

We believe in helping people to have better relationships

Client Testimonials



Claire Naidu & Co made sure I understood what was happening at every stage of the proceedings.



Many thanks for your time, [it is] very reassuring to know we have such honest and hardworking professionals assisting during this testing time.



Professional, helpful, affordable and above all, they cared.

Our Team

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Contact Us

Phone     +61 2 6109 0118

Email     enquiries@clairenaidu.com.au

Physical Address   66A Phyllis Ashton Circuit, Gungahlin, ACT 2912

Mailing Address  PO BOX 858, Gungahlin, ACT 2912

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